Oil Slick Mermaid Hair

Oil Slick Mermaid Hair

Oil Slick Mermaid Hair is a modern take on the classic mermaid style. It sets in a dark color and has a much more noticeable sheen than traditional mermaid waves. Inspired by the feathers on the neck of peacocks, oil slick hair resembles shimmering rainbows, a perfect choice for mermaids with dark hair.

Color technique for darker hair

Oil Slick Mermaid Hair
Oil Slick Mermaid Hair

If you want your hair to look like Ariel’s, you can try a mermaid color technique. A Oil Slick Mermaid Hair scheme will be either a single shade or an ombre or gradient effect. The technique requires specific tools and products. It may also require regular salon touch-ups. To create this look, you need to follow the instructions included with the dye kit.

If you have dark hair, you can go for a purple-gold or deep blue shade. A darker shade can lift the hair up and look sexy. A fishtail braid in a multi-dimensional pink can accentuate the color. When you’re choosing a mermaid hair color, remember to keep the highlights separate. A chin-length bob is particularly chic with a darker shade.

A pastel Oil Slick Mermaid Hair is also an option. Unlike the dark mermaid hair color, this style doesn’t require bleaching. Moreover, brunettes can use the balayage technique to achieve this look.

Style options for oil slick mermaid hair

If you want to wear Oil Slick Mermaid Hair, you have a few style options. While a full rainbow version requires a lot of bleach and will take a lot of time to grow out, you can also go for a peekaboo oil slick hairstyle. This look will have the peekaboo highlights showing through half-up or tousled hair.

Oil Slick Mermaid Hair is a trend that started as an Instagram phenomenon. The hairstyle features ultra-fine babylights of color that create a rainbow effect, similar to the appearance of an oil spill. It looks best on women with a warm or neutral complexion with naturally rich hair colors.

The sulfate-free shampoo Color Extend Magnetics can keep this haircolor vibrant and fresh. It also works for balayage and ombre.

Care for multi-colored strands

Oil Slick Mermaid Hair is a popular trend right now, but its vibrant color needs special care. Oil Slick Mermaid Hair colors will fade over the course of a couple of weeks, so touch-ups at a salon are necessary to maintain their vibrant shades. Luckily, there are several ways to care for multi-colored strands of oil-slick mermaid hair.

Oil Slick Mermaid Hair
Oil Slick Mermaid Hair

Before dying Oil Slick Mermaid Hair, always pre-tone it for even-toned hair. This will help to eliminate warm tones and allow your hair colorist to mix cool-toned colors with a darker base color. Your colorist may use a product like Redken City Beats, which comes in a variety of cool-toned colors. Choose shades like East Village Violet, Brooklyn Blue, High Line Green, and Midtown Magenta. These shades can go from the roots to the ends of your hair.

The shampoo and conditioner you choose will have an impact on the vibrancy of your hair. Choose a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, which will nourish and protect your locks while protecting the colors from fading. Also, a multi-use deep-treatment mask will help add shine and reduce frizz.


Maintaining Oil Slick Mermaid Hair requires the right products and a routine to maintain the look. Use a sulfate-free shampoo to wash your hair regularly. You can also use a nourishing mask at home for at-home repair.


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