Oil Slick Hair Technique

The Oil Slick Hair Technique

The Oil Slick Hair Technique is a new trend created by Aura Friedman, a world-renowned celebrity hairstylist. She has used hair paint to make hair look like oil slicks, creating a unique look for each individual. The technique became incredibly popular in early 2018.


When it comes to choosing the right hair color for this style, you should choose a jewel tone that compliments your skin tone and base hair color. For example, if you have dark brown hair, you might want to choose a dark brown shade so your highlights will pop in the light. Then, you’ll want to use the balayage technique to make the highlights look subtle, while leaving your hair with a natural flow.

In order to achieve the oil slick effect, you’ll want a base color that works with your skin tone. You can use a blonde, brown, red, or black. The base color should be light so that the oil slick tones can be

Oil Slick Hair Technique
Oil Slick Hair Technique

emphasized, and it will also lighten the overall look. You can also go for a darker shade like black or brown, which will give your hair more depth and contrast with the warm tones.


The Oil Slick Hair Technique uses a stark contrast between the color of the roots and the color of the tips. The hair is dyed violet at the roots and then fades to a pale creamsicle or bold orange at the ends. This style requires little skill, and is easy to maintain. The vibrant colors will pop next to the darker base color.

This technique is a great way to add a pop of colour to your hair. Because it is a combination of various hues, you can experiment with different colours to get the desired effect. Alternatively, you can opt for a more subtle colour, such as a brown or brunette base.

reverse ombre

The reverse ombre technique is a cool way to change up your hairstyle without having to completely go blonde. The Oil Slick Hair Technique involves fading the hair from a lighter color to a darker one. You can do this style with the natural color of your hair or by dying it in a different shade. Some celebrities have adopted this look. Kaley Cuoco’s hair has a lighter top layer and a darker one below. She uses this technique to highlight her eyes.

Another option is to create a candy-cane effect. You can achieve this look by applying a purple or pink ombre to your hair. You can also use this look to create an updo. For example, you can use a pink shade at the top to match your blusher. This combination will give you a unique hairstyle that looks amazing in any season.

iridescent colors

Using the Oil Slick Hair Technique is a fashionable way to achieve iridescent colors on your hair. The effect is dazzling, especially when used with reverse ombre techniques. A series of iridescent colors is applied to the hair strands in a spiral fashion, starting with pale magenta and moving to coral orange and pastel green. The strands are then straightened. This creates an iridescent effect that mimics the appearance of the sun’s rays.

Oil Slick Hair Technique
Oil Slick Hair Technique

To create the best effect, choose a base color that flatters your complexion and hair color. The base color should be light blonde, so that the iridescent colors show through naturally. For a more subtle effect, use darker shades on the root and lighter shades on the ends.

auburn hair

The Oil Slick Hair Technique can be a fun new way to color your hair and add a dramatic touch. This method was created by Jason Hogan and works well with darker hues. The color usually lasts from one to four weeks. If you want to keep it for a longer time, you can use a take home color-depositing conditioner.

This Oil Slick Hair Technique is best applied by a skilled stylist to achieve a unique look. You can ask around for recommendations or look through the social media pages of your stylists to find a professional who has experience applying this technique.


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