Oil Slick Hair Colour

Oil Slick Hair Colour

Oil Slick Hair Colour is a great way to add a touch of edginess to your style without committing to a permanent color. You can choose between cool and warm shades depending on your undertones. Cool colours include blue, violet and green. Cool undertones are best complemented by cool colours, and warm shades are best avoided or kept to a minimum. Warm shades include yellow-green, orange, red and pink.

Permanent oil slick hair color

The Oil Slick Hair Colour trend came about from mixing petrol with water and painting hair with a variety of cool colors. The result is a gradient of color that appears dark and vibrant in certain lighting. This hairstyle is popular with women who want a dramatic, yet casual, look. However, the trend may not be right for everyone, especially if you have sensitive skin and/or hair.

The best way to achieve the oil slick color look is by first choosing a color that compliments your skin tone. While the look is often categorized as blonde, you can use shades of brown, red, or black to achieve the look you’re after. However, you should make sure to choose a light color for your base color, as this will allow the vibrant oil slick tones to pop. If you don’t want to go all the way with light blonde, you can also choose a darker shade of red, black, or brown, as these shades tend to contrast better.

Oil Slick Hair Colour
Oil Slick Hair Colour

Jewel-toned pastel shades

Oil Slick Hair Colour can be created with pastel hues or jewel tones. Oil slick colors are not permanent and typically last for one to four weeks. But if you follow proper care instructions, your color should stay vibrant for longer. In addition, jewel-toned shades are easily customizable so you can find one that matches your skin tone. Moreover, this trend works on only the top layers of your hair, avoiding dryness and damage to the rest of your hair.

If you have naturally dark hair, pastel shades will give your hair a more subtle look. This style can be achieved with a touch of muted blues and purples. You should make sure that the pastel shade is a color that goes with your base hair color. This way, your highlights will stand out more.

Iridescent shades

If you’re into a more daring hair color trend, consider going for oil slick hair colour. This trend is full of iridescent shades of purple, pink, and blue. It looks beautiful when applied to your hair as a bold ombre, but it also requires some extra maintenance. It’s also best applied by a skilled stylist. Ask arou

Oil Slick Hair Colour
Oil Slick Hair Colour

nd for recommendations or check out a stylist’s social media pages to see examples of their work.


Oil slick hair colours are rich, cool shades, and are best worn over a dark base color. The oil slick technique uses a balayage technique to create a natural blend of color without using foils. This technique results in hair with high-gloss pastel highlights that seem to change color before your eyes.

Peekaboo look

Oil Slick Hair Colour is a popular trend, which can be worn on short or long locks. It gives more emphasis on curls and adds a shine and iridescence to shorter locks. This colour is often paired with magenta highlights, which contrast with dark hair and give an aftershock of punk. This hair colour is also suitable for older women who want to embrace their grey hair.

Oil slick hair colour has a wide range of colours that mimic the spectrum of colours when light shines on it. The colours are richer than pastels and can be used to add highlights to brown or black hair or to completely cover it.

Easy application

Oil Slick Hair Colour is often a difficult colour to apply. Using a technique known as balayage, a hair stylist can create a natural-looking pattern by applying swaths of one color on each strand. This technique works best for muted shades of colour, as bright shades can be difficult to apply.

Oil Slick Hair Colour is a versatile hair colour that can be used to achieve deep shades of colour. It can be applied to the midshaft and top layers, and is a perfect choice for creating color games. Oil Slick Hair Colour gives a subdued, radiant look, and the darker shades blend in well with naturally dark hair.

Oil Slick Hair Colour requires a lightening treatment before application. This can be found at beauty supply stores or online. A toner is also necessary to protect the colour. Oil slick dye should not be left in the hair for long periods of time, and should be applied to a completely dry head of hair. It is important to blow-dry your hair thoroughly before applying the oil slick dye to avoid causing colour run-off.


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